torstaina, syyskuuta 13

Sep 5th - Sep 13th

Hi everyone and sorry for not blogging! I've had so much things to do in Tokyo. We've been here for a week now and have still 5 days left before we're going home. And to be honest - I really wait that. This weather is something I can't live with. :D Like +35 EVERY DAY and when you think you look pretty okayish when you leave the hotel, your hair and makeup just... I don't even know what happens to them. Haha.
I don't know how am I supposed to live in here, if I really am moving here in next July.

What we have been doing? Well, shopping, ofcourse and some sightseeing too. On Tuesday we went to the Ueno zoo, that place is something you should visit in Tokyo. I'll post some pictures when I get home. Yesterday we went to the Sunshine city's aquarium. I think it was pretty expencive because it's not that big and there's nothing "new". But it was nice tho.
We've also visited few gig's - Tero's BDay LIVE (ex-Vidoll) and Trick's 2nd oneman show (Tero's new band).  And last weekend we went to Atom with Niina and Tanja.

That's pretty much all for now, I'm not able to post any pictures because we don't have a wi-fi here and I'm just borrowing my friends laptop. But if you want to see what we are doing, I'm updating my instagram almost every day, nick is the same as it's everywhere: ultimateluxury.

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♪ Pinkii ♪ kirjoitti...

The heat sounds horrible! Makes me wonder how do the local girls manage? Lots of waterproof layers?

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Olin itse myös tiistaina Ueno Zossa ja vastaan käveli tyttö kaverinsa kanssa.
Mietiskelin silloin mistä vastaantulija oli niin tutunnäköinen, mutta tosiaan taisit olla sinä.
Suomibongauksia Japanissa!

Tokion kelit ovat olleet kyllä melkoisen lämpöiset viime aikoina, itse tykkään tästä kun on todella lämmin, mutta jos pitkään on auringonpaahteessa jossa ei pääse kunnolla varjoonkaan, niin sulaminen tuntuu välillä olevan lähellä, mutta onneksi sisätiloihin pääsee nopeasti aina vähän viilentymään, jos olo alkaa käydä liian tukalaksi. :)