Shopping service

How it works?

I'm living in Tokyo, so I can purchase stuff from almost every shop in here - also, I can order stuff from Rakuten & Amazon.
First, you'll make a order by email and I'll check the items. I'll send an invoice to you through Paypal (or banktransfer is ok if you live in Finland), after you have paid it, I'll buy the items for you.

Online shop orders will arrive within 2-5 days if there's no pre-order items. After receiving your items I'll send an email to you about the shipping - EMS or Registered Airmail, you can choose which you want to use. After paying the shipping costs I will ship your parcel and give the tracking code for you.

What can I buy for you?

Clothes, CD's, magazines, cosmetics... Almost whatever you want!


Total price                                           Fee
- 1yen      -       1000yen                       400 yen
- 1001yen   -    3000yen                        600 yen
- 3001yen   -    5000yen                        800 yen
- 5001yen ->                                         10%

For any questions & orders, please send an email to:

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