sunnuntaina, helmikuuta 17

Moving sale

Hi gals! Not a proper update, but here's a link to my moving sale. I really need to get rid of most of my clothes, I can't take all of them with me to Tokyo. :D

maanantaina, helmikuuta 11

「 News」

Hi everyone and sorry for not updating! I've been so busy and stressed lately because of the school and work. This spring is going to be a hell because I have so much things to do, about 20 essays to write and about 10 exams I need to pass before June.

But - I'll graduate in September! And I've already booked a one-way ticket to Tokyo. For now I've planned to stay there atleast 1,5 years. I'm so nervous already haha! Now I have this new mantra I keep repeating to myself "Only 7 months left, you can do it".

I've shopped a way too much lately but I'll make a proper gets post later. Also I'm trying to do a new sale post during the next weekend.

PS. Is there anyone who'd like to do a new layout for me? ^^