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Hi gals! Hope you all had a nice weekend?
I don't really have anything special to blog about, so I decided to post some coords from past few months. I've been so busy with work and school, so I haven't had any reasons to get dolled up. I'd say my life is pretty boring atm. :D

One coord from November when I went to bar w/ Bea. Tried out a short hair for the first time in ages.

 photo IMG_1673_zpsc52e3e07.jpg

Hoodie d.i.a
Shorts H&M
Boots Yumetenbo
Belt d.i.a

 photo IMG_1831_zps737924d2.jpg

Cardi d.i.a
Top H&M
Shorts H&M
Necklace Heaven and Earth
Belt d.i.a

Coord for Christmas, yay! Tried some more casually look instead of all that bling and gold I'm usually wearing. Please ignore my hair, my extensions were so much lighter than my own hair. 

 photo IMG_1876_zps94d04754.jpg

Cardi Lip Service
Top Cubus
Skirt Cubus
Boots Yumetenbo

 photo IMG_1913_zps13dec5c4.jpg

Top GT
Shorts H&M
Belt d.i.a
Necklace Heaven and Earth
Boots Yumetenbo

+ Two makeup shots

 photo IMG_1793_zps33a6d10f.jpg

 photo IMG_1912_zpsd426938d.jpg

7 kommenttia :

KASSIDY kirjoitti...

You look so good with short hair! And I adore that d.i.a. hoodie :D

Anniina H. kirjoitti...

Jeee, alotit bloggaa taas~
Toi vika asukuva on tosi nätti! c:

Honeybunch kirjoitti...

Rakastuin toho ekaa asuu! *-*
Muutkii on ihania! ❤

Maria kirjoitti...

KASSIDY, Thank you! ♥ It's like my favorite hoodie ever, I love it! Unfortunately the quality is just pretty poor. ;--;

Anniina, Kiitos! ^^

Honeybunch, Kiitti! ♥

Joshua Hideki kirjoitti...

Fab outfit!!
Love the first one!~ :)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

hei, onko ghost of harlemilla oma liike jossain päin Japania? Erityisesti kiinnostais jos Tokiosta tai osakasta löytyis :)

Maria kirjoitti...

Anonyymi, GoH:n liike on ainaskin Shibuyassa Loftin lähellä :)