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Sponsored post: Eyecandy's

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I did a review, so here's one for you now. Some time ago I was contacted by EyeCandy's and they asked if I'd like to do a review for them.

I love grey lenses, so I chose Dueba Max Pure Grey to review.

 photo IMG_1274_zps171d4cb4.jpg

 photo IMG_1280_zps4817e043.jpg

 photo IMG_1283_zpsb843b8ca.jpg

Dueba Max Pure Gray
Prescription 0.00 - -10.00
Origin Korea
Water content 38%
Diameter 14.5mm with 15.00mm effect
Base curve 8.6
Duration 1 year

 photo IMG_1290_zpsf2a8657e.jpg

 photo IMG_1296_zpscbca754e.jpg

 photo IMG_1295_zps334d02c4.jpg

I really like these lenses - the color is grey, but it's really light. My eyes are blue, so the lenses only make them look bigger, but doesn't really blend the original color. To be honest I expected them to be more gray and not this natural-looking. 

 photo IMG_1300_zpsfc9e0a54.jpg

Comfort ★★★★
These are like super comfortable! I've been wearing these a lot after I received them and I can tell you I love them. My eyes get really dry easily when I'm wearing contacts, but not with these.

Style ★★★★
If you prefer natural looking lenses and you have pretty  light eyes, these are perfect for you. I've tried these with heavier and lighter makeup and they work with both perfectly.

Enlargement ★★★★
Like the introduction says these are 14.5mm lenses with 15.00mm effect. Enlargement is just great - your eyes will look bigger, but still pretty natural.

So far these are one of my favorite lenses ever, I can only recommend these for you.♥ By using my coupon code, you will receive a free gift with your purchase!

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