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Hi gals~
As you can see, I made a new layout for UL. I'm not sure if I like this one either, but I'm really bad with HTML so.... :D

I haven't updated any pics of myself lately for a good reason, because atm I'm having some serious style crisis. I love d.i.a's clothes, but I'm not that much into dark skin etc. I really adore some more adult look and lighter skin. Yet I still love long long long nails with some crazy deco.
So, I'm moving to Tokyo in October and first thing I'm going to do is getting new extensions. I'm so tired with my clip-in extensions, they're so troublesome to use everyday and that's why I'm not wearing them anymore.
Also, I turned 24 about few weeks ago and oh god that made me feel so old! Now my age is also something that makes me wonder what I can or can't wear. Life is hard! :D It'd be awesome to be like 23 for the rest of your life (at least it feels like that now.)
How old is too old for gyaru?

So, to cheer myself up I decided to do a little inspiration post with makeup, nail & hair inspiration. Atm my own hair really sucks, my hairdresser ruined it with too dark hair color - I wanted light, golden brown. I got dark brown.

 photo hair_zpsb844c43b.jpg

I really really love Yumachi's & Mipoti's hair, it's not blonde but not too brown either. 

 photo make_zps3e984e15.jpg

 photo kynnet_zps19efc149.jpg

Omg, can't wait to be able to wear nails again! I can't wear gel or acrylic nails at work, but in October I'm so going to do some cool nails for myself. <3 p="">

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Joshua Hideki kirjoitti...

beautiful pictures, wonderful inspirations!

love them! :)

Champagne Star kirjoitti...

I like gyaru and hime style clothing and hair styles too, although I've never worn any!

I know how you feel about getting older. I just turned 25 and it does make you question if you should still wear certain styles of clothing, especially for me because I like very cute skirts and tops.