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Tiny gets post

Good evening everyone!
Gosh I've been so busy with school lately - I have 5 exams left before I'm graduating in September, so I have like tons of books I should read about surgery, medical treatment etc...

But! I promised to show you some of my recent gets I bought before my trip to Japan. Again, I used Celga for buying these from Rakuten & mbok. And once again I was so happy with the service I got. So if anyone needs a good shopping service, use them.

 photo IMG_1513_zpsac4a6882.jpg

d.i.a pants I've wanted like ages! These are one of the best summer pants I've ever had. Unfortunately I left them in Tokyo, but there they are, waiting for me. :D

 photo IMG_1506_zpsfad35b62.jpg

 photo IMG_1510_zpsbf81076c.jpg

 photo IMG_1502_zpsc78341e7.jpg

 photo IMG_1499_zpsdc86c4aa.jpg

As you can see I bought something else than just d.i.a. My first tunics from DURAS. I'm madly in love with that orange one! I also bought one top from lovely Mika

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Kristiina kirjoitti...

Ihania ostoksia, etenkin toi vika paita! (:

Kati kirjoitti...

gaaah, aivan ihania ostoksia! <3

Amanda Cecilia kirjoitti...

saanko sun vaatteet? rakastan näitä sun ostoksia!! <3